Our Story

I spent nearly 10 years as a children’s pastor. In my last few years in children’s ministry I began to feel God moving me in a different direction. I LOVED children’s ministry and was completely content to spend the rest of my life ministering to kids. But, God had other plans.

During this time God sent us to serve at First Baptist Church in Tallassee, AL. While there I began to feel that God was calling me to pastor a church. When our time there as done, God brought us back to our hometown of Haines City, FL. It was then that He began to put in me a deep passion for serving the people in eastern Polk County. For the area known as The Ridge.

After much prayer and study, I felt God calling me to start a new church in Haines City, my hometown. That’s how Journey Church of Haines City started.

I can’t wait to see what God wants to do in and through Journey Church to serve the people of The Ridge. I hope to see you soon, either in a church service, or even around town.

Matt Norman,

Pastor, Journey Church of Haines City

Our Team

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Pastor Matt and Ms. Kim

Matt Norman and his wife Kimberly have spent most of their lives in Haines City. They met in the marching band at Haines City High School and have been together ever since. They are Haines City people with a deep passion for serving the people of The Ridge. Trey, their son is currently a member of the very same marching band that Matt and Kim met in. Their daughter, Jayden, dances with Amanda’s Academy of Dance, which is also where our church meets.

Matt and Kim enjoy serving in the Band Boosters at Haines City High School and appreciate the opportunity to serve the school and the kids.

Ms. Kim also serves as our children’s ministry director.


James and Jenna

James Caulder is our worship leader. Together with his new wife, Jenna, they lead the music on Sunday morning.

James first served with Pastor Matt as a teenager while Pastor Matt was leading children’s church. From there he served as part of the worship team at their church, where he developed his talent and skills.

More than just music, James and Jenna are integral parts of our leadership team.

What We Believe


The Bible is our ultimate source of truth.

While it was written by many different people,

all of it was inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. (2 Timothy 3:16)

Exactly how that worked is one of the many mysteries of God.


Jesus is the Son of God and is God Himself.

(this is another one of those mysteries)

He lived his entire life without what the Bible calls sin.

Then He died on the cross to pay the price for OUR sins.


God exists as three persons in one;

Jesus, God the Father, and The Holy Spirit.

Yep, that's another one of those mysteries.

Truth is there are lots of mysteries when it comes to God.

But, if we could understand everything about God

then He wouldn't be much of a God.


The Bible teaches that we all have sinned

and fall short of God's perfect standards.

So, that means that us "church people" too

We know this

That means it also includes you.

But, there’s good news. You don’t have to be perfect to join us.

More importantly, the Bible teaches that forgiveness from your sin is possible

Forgiveness from every thing you ever did wrong.

We’d love to talk more with you about this.

Spiritual Journey

We believe that we are all on a spiritual journey.

It is our hope that our spiritual journey would bring us

closer to God every day.

That doesn't make us perfect, 

but we hope that it will help us be better tomorrow than we are today.

Journey with us

It is also our hope that others would join us on this spiritual journey

Purpose Statement

Journey Church exists to move with people on a journey from spiritual searching

to salvation to serving others in the church and in the community. 

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