Right now the Journey Center is a dream.

It’s a dream of a place that is more than just a location for church people to gather for a few hours a week,

but is a place that serves the community throughout the week.



I have served in churches for over 10 years.

In that time I have become increasingly frustrated with the large buildings that sat empty most of the week.

I love the local church, but many of them have thousands of square feet,

and often millions of dollars of buildings property that are only serving the community for a few hours a week.

This is where the dream for the Journey Center came from.



The eventual dream is of a location of our own.

For details on what this place might look like, sign up for The Journey Center mailing list.

For now, programs and events sponsored by The Journey Center will be held in a variety of locations,

primarily Amanda’s Academy of Dance.



You can help us, as we seek to serve the people in and around Haines City.

  • Financial: Obviously a dream as big as this requires money. If you would like to help support the dream of the Journey Center financially, you can give securely only HERE. You can also mail a check to The Journey Center, P.O. Box 682, Haines City, FL 33845

  • Pray: We truly believe that nothing like this happens without prayer. We’d love to have you join us in praying for The Journey Center.

  • Classes and programs: Part of what The Journey Center wants to offer includes a variety of classes helpful to the people in our area. From money management/budgeting classes, to basic car care and other life skills classes, to English for non-English speakers. We will be looking for people to teach these classes. No comfortable teaching, but have these skills. We’d love to help you by facilitating the class while you add your expertise.