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Thank you: Thank you for your interesting in helping students in Haines City and Davenport. Here is more information on what this would mean for you, as a sponsor. If you want to move forward with this, use the form to the left to tell us more about yourself or your organization.

How does it work? Here's how it works:

  • Journey Academy is connecting with local teachers who want to take part in this program. 
  • These teachers tell us the things their classroom needs.
  • We connect you, the sponsor, with a classroom. Then your, tax deductible, financial donations, are used to fill the initial needs of your classroom, plus additional needs as they arise.
  • As the year passes, and new needs come up, your classroom teacher contacts us, informing us of the needs. We then use your financial gift to fulfill those needs.

What does the sponsor need to do? There are two options for you to meet the needs of your classroom. 

  1. Monthly financial contribution: Journey Academy wants to make this as easy as possible for the teachers and the sponsors. For this reason we will purchase, store, and distribute the supplies as needs come up. You simply make a monthly, tax deductible, financial donation and Journey Academy will do the rest.
  2. One time financial contribution: You may prefer to make your financial contribution in one lump sum. You can do that too. This contribution is fully tax deductible. Those funds will be earmarked for your classroom. Then, when your classroom has a need, we will use the money you have given to fill those needs.

How do supplies get to the classroom I've adopted? We use the money you donate to purchase school supplies for your classroom. We first meet the initial needs of your classroom at the time that you sign up. Then we store additional supplies and deliver them when the teacher contacts us to communicate with additional needs throughout the year.

Will they know that we adopted them? We want there to be a connection between you and your classroom. For this reason we will notify you before we deliver supplies to your classroom. This will allow you to write a letter, if you choose, to your teacher and the students. You can put this on your company letterhead if you like. Email it to us and we will print it and it will be included with the delivery. We will also include a sticker with your company, church, organization, or family name on the box that we deliver supplies in, if you so desire.

Can we remain anonymous? Of course. Just let us know that you would rather remain anonymous and we will make it happen.

What else? In addition to what was mentioned above, here are some other ways we would like to help you connect with your classroom on a more personal level and to connect your brand with both your classroom and the Student Success program.

  • Our website: A complete list of current sponsors will be maintained on the Journey Academy website.
  • Our social media: We will also maintain a list of all current sponsors on our social media outlets.
  • Videos: We'd love for you to make a short video for your teacher to share with his or her classroom, if they so choose. We'd also like to work with you to make a short video allowing you to talk about your business, organization or family and why you wanted to be part of the Student Success program. We will feature all of these videos on our website and will regularly feature different sponsor videos on our social media outlets.

What does it cost? We connected with some local teachers and asked them what there most common needs were. We then took that information to determine what it would cost to ensure that one classroom had all the supplies they need for a year. This plus some administrative costs comes to a total of $60 per month. Or, for the entire 10 months that school is in session, $600. If you choose to pay on a yearly basis $600 is all you pay.

What administrative costs? Obviously it costs money to do something like this. Certainly we are not in it to make money, but there is some cost involved.

  • Gas: It takes gas to go to the store and purchase these materials, as well as to deliver them.
  • Storage: In order to get the best prices for these supplies we need to be able to buy them in bulk. This means also having a place to store them.
  • Promotional materials: Printing flyers, postage, and other similar costs.
  • Others: Unfortunately, there may be some additional costs that we have not anticipated. Some money will be set aside for these unexpected costs as they come up. Planning for them in this way means that we never have to take money away from your classroom to cover unexpected costs that come up.

How much of my donation is going to my classroom? In total we are projecting these administrative costs as requiring $10 per month. That means of your $60 monthly donation $50 goes directly to your classroom. 

Still have questions? Feel free to email me at matt@myjourneyfl.com

Journey Academy and the Student Success Program are ministries of Journey Church of Haines City.