We know that visiting a new church, even if you are a long time church person, can be intimidating. Here is some information that we hope will help.

  • Parking: We currently meet in the old railroad station building in downtown Haines City. There is parking on either end of the building. However, you can also park in any of the public parking spaces that surround the park. You'll also find handicap parking in the lots to either end of the building. 
  • Arriving: When you get to the location you will notice that there are several doors on the front of the building. Look for the one with the screen doors open. You will also see our entrance sign pointing you to the correct entrance.
  • Timing: We know that your time is valuable. For this reason our service starts promptly at 10:00 and is scheduled to end at 11:15. Sometimes we even get out a little early.
  • Dress: We are much more worried about people than about what they are wearing. You may see Pastor Matt in a shirt and tie one week and a Star Trek or Marvel t-shirt the next week. You may see someone in a full suit sitting right next to someone in shorts and flip flops. Come in what makes you comfortable.
  • Connecting: We look forward to you coming. When you enter our goal is to greet you. Pastor Matt and others will be there to meet you and help you find your way around.
  • Journey Kids: For kids age 4 through 4th grade we offer kid's church. Here your kids will experience high energy worship music, a Bible lesson and FUN. With 10 years in children's ministry Pastor Matt and Ms. Kim have a passion for children's ministry. In fact Ms. Kim leads our kid's church. 

We hope that this helps make your first visit with us a little less intimidating. If you still have questions, click HERE to let us know.




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