Our Dream


To serve

Jesus, Himself, said that He came to serve, not to be serve.

Our dream is to serve the people in and around Haines City.

A safe place

Once, during a thunderstorm my daughter cried that she wanted to go to the church. For her the church was a safe place. Unfortunately, for many the church is not a safe place. Our dream is that Journey Church would be a sage place for all kinds of people, not just "church people". Not the kind of "safe place" that is often talked about these days where truth can not be spoken because it might be painful or uncomfortable. Rather we want to be a place so filled with love that the truth can be spoken and received, because people know they are loved.

Part of Our Community

I once heard a preacher ask, "If your church closed tomorrow would the people in your community notice?" To this I would add, "Would they care?" It is our dream that Journey Church would be a REAL part of our community. So much so that if we had to close our doors, people would notice AND care.

To love our neighbors

Some of our neighbors may never attend a service with us. Still we are all neighbors and we can all love and serve one another.

THAT is the DREAM!

We would love to have you join us and help make this dream a reality for our church and for the people in and around Haines City.