My History

Not just a pastor

I've spent nearly 20 years working as an emergency room nurse.

While doing that I also spent many years as a pastor to children. 

That began to change in 2013 when God began to steer me away from children's ministry

and towards pastoring a church.

In 2014 God sent my family and me to First Baptist Church in Tallassee, Alabama.

There I served as Director of Preschool and Families.

While there I became convinced that the next thing God would send me to

would be to pastor a church.

I thought we would be there a few years and then return to Central Florida

where I would pastor an existing church.

Starting a church was never even something I thought about.

A surprising turn

While in Tallassee we had our Haines City house up for sale.

After 13 months we had already had one failed contract

and were facing another that looked like it might fail.

I prayed to God and simply said that we would do whatever He wanted us to do,

but that if we were stay in Tallassee the house would have to sell;

and if we were to return home that contract would have to fall through.

The contract failed and we made the painful decision to return to our home

in Haines City.

We were excited to be returning to our home town and to our family,

but we had truly grown to love the people of Tallassee.

Was it a mistake?

Upon returning to Haines City, I truly wrestled with wondering;

Wondering if I had made a mistake, dragging my family 500 miles

 from the only home we had ever known.

Through a period of prayer, Bible study, reflection,

and talking with some friends and family,

I came to believe that God had sent us to Alabama,

and that He had brought us back to Haines City.

I believe that there were things God sent to Tallassee to do

and some things I was sent there to learn.

When that was done, He brought us home.

I certainly wouldn't say that I have learned everything I will ever need to know.

As with all of us, I still have a great deal to learn.

The rest of the story

The rest of the story that brought me from children's pastor

to starting a church is a great one.

If you'd like to hear it, I'll buy you a cup of coffee sometime

and tell you all about it.