Our Leadership

Norman family 2.jpg

Pastor Matt and Ms. Kim

Matt Norman and his wife Kimberly have spent most of their lives in Haines City. They met in the marching band at Haines City High School and have been together ever since. They are Haines City people with a deep passion for serving the people in and around Haines City. Trey, their 15 year old son is currently a member of the very same marching band that Matt and Kim met in. Together Matt and Kim lead the Haines City High School Band Boosters. They really enjoy serving the kids and their families in this way.

Before starting Journey Church Matt spent 10 years in children ministry. Kim worked alongside Matt during those years. Together they have spent many hours working with children and youth. They still have an intense passion for serving children, youth and their families. They see Journey Church not as an end to their children's and youth ministry days, but just an extension of it. In fact, Kim leads Journey Church's children's church.


James Caulder, pictured here with his younger brother Adam (James is the one with the blue hat) is the worship leader for Journey Church. James started as a kid in Pastor Matt's children's ministry. He then served with Matt in the same children's ministry. In later years James was part of the worship team at another local church where he grew and developed his talent.

During that time he also worked with the youth. He is greatly looking forward to working with youth as part of Journey Church.

- As a pastor it has been a great pleasure to work with James in the past and even more so as part of Journey Church. I am so impressed with how he has matured and can't wait to see how God is going to use him in the future.