Why "For The Ridge"?

Why “For the Ridge”?

The Ridge is my home. If you’re not sure what I mean by The Ridge, you can check out a post from earlier in this week.

Anyway, as I said, The Ridge is my home, and I love it here. Sometimes it seems that all we ever hear about this area is bad stuff. Yet all the time I see good people doing good for their fellow man. I’m convinced that there are many great things happening in Eastern Polk County, on The Ridge. That’s why I’m writing this. My goal is to highlight some of the good things happening up and down The Ridge, and the good people that are making these things happen.

From great small businesses offering great products and services, to non-profit organizations doing good work in our communities, I want to talk about what is GOOD about living and working on The Ridge. There are plenty of outlets reporting all the bad stuff going on around us. If you want or need to know about some of that stuff, I’d encourage you to check out those other sources. “For The Ridge” is not the place for that stuff.

My hope is that, through highlighting the good stuff going on around us, we could begin to show people that The Ridge is actually a pretty awesome place to be. I hope that by highlighting the small businesses all around us that we can help these small businesses flourish. I also hope that bringing attention to some of the non-profits and charities throughout The Ridge can help them to continue to do the amazing work they do and to do it even better.

What’s your story?

Do you run, or are part of a non-profit serving the people of The Ridge? Do you own a small business on The Ridge? Do you know of a great non-profit, charity, or other organization that is doing good work for the people of The Ridge? Do you know of a small business on The Ridge that is serving the people of The Ridge well?

If so, let me know. I’d love to meet them, and feature them on our website and social media outlets.


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