What is "For The Ridge"?

I’m hoping in the months to come that For the Ridge will become a statement that many people throughout eastern Polk County will hear. I’m hoping that this will cause curiosity in many people and have them asking, “What is For the Ridge?”

My Home

I’m from here. I was born in Bartow and grew up in Winter Haven and Haines City. I’ve lived in Haines City since I was 12 years old. I graduated from Haines City High School. Some of my fondest memories are from being in the marching band at Haines City High School. I met my wife at band camp, at Haines City High School. Our son now marches in the very same marching band that my wife and I met in.

I had my first car in Haines City. I also had my first car accident in Haines City. I also had a number of speeding tickets while living in Haines City. My first job was at Kash-n-Karry in Haines City, a grocery store that is no longer there.

The Ridge is my home. I have lived in other places, but I choose to be here.

What is The Ridge

You may not know this, but Florida is pretty flat. The only exception is a slight rise through the middle of the state. The peak of this rise happens in Lake Wales, where Bok Tower stands. Bok Tower marks the highest spot in the peninsula of Florida.

This rise runs through eastern Polk County and into parts the counties to our north and south. “The Ridge” refers primarily to the areas that are located on that small rise in elevation in Eastern Polk County. This includes many communities from Lake Wales to Davenport and everything in between.

THAT is The Ridge

Check back later this week as I share why I’m starting this blog and why it matters to me, and to you.

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