Common Questions

Hi, my name is Matt. I'm the pastor and founder of Journey Church of Haines City. Visiting a church for the first time can be intimidating. Prior to starting Journey Church my family and I visited a number of churches. Even as long time church people we were often nervous the first time we walked into a church we had never been to before. Heck, I've been invited to preach at a few different churches. Even though these folks were expecting me I was nervous. Here are some common questions that you might be asking yourself. I hope that these can help to make your first visit with us a little easier.


1. What will your weekend service be like? Our goal is to create an environment is  relaxed and friendly. I been to churches that were anything but relaxed. So, we work hard to try to keep the environment of Journey Church relaxed. Music is contemporary, but without being too flashy.We certainly don't fault churches that have big production worship services, we just feel God wants a simpler worship style for our church. You'll find a message that is Biblical and easy to understand. Sometimes Christians talk funny. I know that and try to make the messages relevant to your life and easy for anyone to understand, whether you've been in church your entire life, or if this is the first time ever. 

2. What about my children? At this time we offer kid's church for ages 4 through the 4th grade. This is much more than just childcare. Your child will experience high energy worship, a meaningful Bible lesson, and will have FUN. My wife, Kimberly, leads our kid's church. She has worked with me through 10 years of children's ministry. Together we believe that fun is an important part of ministry to children. The goal is not simply to have fun. But, fun is an important tool that allows us to connect with kids and helps them to learn. 

For kids younger that 4 years old we invite them to sit with you in our main service.

3. What will happen when I visit for the first time? I remember when I was a kid it was normal to take time in a church service to ask new people to stand up. That was embarrassing then and it's probably even more so now. We will not ask to you stand up and tell us about yourself. What we will ask you to do is fill out an Information Card. You can give us as much or as little information as you want. You can even fill out the information card ahead of time. Click HERE to fill out the information card online before you come.

4. What should I wear? We are much more interested in people than we are about what they are wearing. Some people may feel comfortable wearing a shirt and tie to church, others may be short, t-shirt and flip flops. Either way is ok. Come in what makes you comfortable. You may see me wearing a tie one week and a t-shirt the next. I'm gonna wear what works for me and invite you to do the same.

Got other questions? Contact us HERE and we will answer them.