Additional Thoughts From This Week's Message

Each week as I study and prepare for Sunday’s message, there are some things that come up that don’t make it into the message. Here are some additional thoughts from this week’s message. You can watch the entire service HERE.


In this week’s message we talked about David being anointed to be the king of Israel. Saul was the king at that time. In fact, Saul was the very first king of Israel. However, Israel was never supposed to have a king. God had intended that Israel would be a THEOCRACY. This is a nation led by God. Theo means God. So, Israel was supposed to be a nation led only by God.


Certainly there were to be human leaders. We see this throughout the Old Testament, prior to Saul becoming king. However, they were not to have the ultimate authority as a king does. Moses was certainly one of those leaders. But, he sought God’s guidance and acknowledged God as the authority. God knew that a human king would, eventually, decide that he, himself could be the authority, apart from God.


The Israelites didn’t even make it through their first king before they proved what God knew would happen with a human king. On the beginning Saul honored God. He sought God’s guidance and was obedient to God. However, over time this became less so, till Saul finally completely went against God’s command and did what God had specifically told him not to do. This is why God rejected Saul and chose David to be the next king.


In this week’s message we read about God telling Samuel to go visit a man named Jesse, because one of his son’s was to be the next king. Samuel was afraid of how Saul would react. So, God told Samuel to say that he was going there for a sacrifice. Well, if Samuel was truly going down there to anoint Jesse’s son as the next king, then was he being honest, or did God tell him to lie?


First off Samuel really did go down there for a sacrifice. He invited Jesse and his family to the sacrifice, then he did what he said he came to do, to do a sacrifice. So, from that aspect Samuel was telling the truth. He did exactly what he said he was coming there to do. But, that wasn’t the only reason he was there.


Many of us have come to believe that if a person does not tell us the whole truth, that is the same as lying. While this may be true in some instances, it’s not necessarily true in every instance. I once had a pastor say that anything we do or say with the intent to deceive is a lie. The intent in telling of the sacrifice was not to deceive. Rather it was to give Samuel a reason to be there, a reason to see Jesse. The sacrifice was simply a tool that God used to set up the anointing of David as king.


If this message, or any other, brings up questions in your mind, I’d love to work through them with you. Heck, any questions you have about Journey Church, church in general, faith, God, the Bible, or anything else, let me know. I don’t have all the answers, but I know that we can work through them together.