6 Things to Consider Before Posting To Social Media, Part 1

These are interesting times we live in. When I was a kid we only knew what our friends were up to by being with them. In order to know what they were thinking we had to actually be with them. At the very least we had to make a phone call and actually talk to them.

I remember once, as a school or church project, connecting with a pen pal in another country. This kinda gave me a brief look into what they were doing or thinking. Even this, however, was a slow process with days, or even weeks, passing between updates. Today, however, you can see what people are up to anytime. You can get a glimpse into what people are thinking, or what they think about a given topic. You can connect with people all over the world and stay connected with them throughout the day.

The internet and social media have made this possible.

Social media has also given everyone a platform. Nearly everyone you know is on social media. This means that anyone can share their thoughts on any issue. This can be good. I have seen some rare instances of good discussion of a topic, resulting in a greater understanding for the people involved. However, far more often this is not the case. It is much more typical for social media “discussions” to quickly become little more than grade school level name calling.

I get it. While I refrain from name calling, I have read some posts that make me so angry I feel like I HAVE to respond. I’ve typed some replies that I ended up wishing I had not typed. I have also made some posts that hurt people and that I later had to take down. The intent is seldom to actually hurt people, but the result sometimes is just that.

Recently I read a great article on some things that Christians should consider before posting to social media. These, however, are good thoughts for everyone, not just Christians. This post will be the first in a series based on that original article. In the coming days, I will share these 6 things to consider before posting to social media, plus my own thoughts on each to them.  

So, come back tomorrow for the first post in this series.