We Got Lost On The Way to The Beach


This week we started a series called Vision for the Journey. The goal of this vision is to share the vision that God has given me for Journey Church. I shared a story about a time that Kim and I went to Cocoa Beach. 

Actually we TRIED to go to Cocoa Beach, but we missed our turn and ended up in Daytona Beach. Still, we were determined to go to Cocoa Beach, so we found a route that would lead us from Daytona Beach to Cocoa Beach. Eventually we did make it to Cocoa Beach... a couple hours later than we had planned.

Just like we had a vision for our day at the beach, God has a vision for our lives and for our church. Also like our trip, the journey from here to the fulfillment of that vision may take turns that we wouldn't choose, directions that we didn't plan for, or even unexpected stops along the way. 

In the end, having a solid vision for where we were going, and refusing to settle for anything different, meant that we ended up a Cocoa Beach. Likewise, having a solid vision for our lives, and for our church will help us to keep moving in that direction. 

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Matt Norman
Pastor, Journey Church