Do My Choices Honor God, or Just Satisfy Me?

If you’ve ever attended our church, or watched one of my message videos, you might have heard me say that often times God is preaching to me, while I’m preaching to you. Truth is that this almost always happens. Sometimes this happens while I am preparing the message. Other times it happens while I am actually delivering the message on Sunday morning. This Sunday was one of those Sundays where God was preaching to me, even as I was preaching to the congregation.

“I wanna live my life in such a way that it honors God, not just benefits me.”

This was one of those statements that God spoke through me. You see, this was not in my notes, but MAN did it speak to me. In fact it spoke to some of the people there as well. This quote seems simple enough, but the things that God revealed to me mown life related to this post were heavy.

My body

The Bible teaches that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. As such, the way that I care for my body can be God honoring, or not. What if every choice I made related to food or activity sought to honor God, not simply to benefit or satisfy myself? How much healthier would I be? What if every food choice I made was made to honor God, not just satisfy me? If I did this, then my lifelong struggle with weight would not be.


Debt does not honor God. If every financial choice I made I sought to honor God, then wouldn’t my finances be better. If every time I went out to buy something that I couldn’t afford and made the choice to honor God, instead of taking on more debt, my finances would be better. 


Marriage, work, parenting, relationships, and so much more. Imagine how much better these things could be if we live to honor God instead of to satisfy ourselves. 

“I challenge you to name a single issue in our society that wouldn’t be fixed if we made choices to honor God instead of pleasing ourselves.”

I truly believe this. I truly believe that we made every decision to honor God, that things would be vastly different. Let that be out goal. 

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