A Million Dollar Prayer

What if I asked you to pray a million dollar prayer with me?

I've prayed some pretty big prayers in my life, but never have a prayed one this big... till now.

Why a million dollar prayer?

You might be asking yourself why a small church that just celebrated its one year anniversary would be praying a million dollar prayer. You might even think you have a pretty good idea. Well, if you are thinking that this million dollar prayer involves a building, your right... at least in part.

A million dollar building

There is a building in downtown Haines City that I have driven by, prayed over, imagined what it could look like. I've even sat inside it an envisioned it as something MORE than it is. Until now, all those imaginings and visions were just dreams... until now.

You see, this building had been owned by the same people for many years and they were still using it to run their business. It didn't appear as if it was ever going to go on the market... but now it is. That's right, this building that so consumed my thoughts is now for sale... for $1.1 million.

More than a building

As I mentioned this is about so much more than just a building. This is about a vision. This is about a dream that I fully believe that God has placed inside me. This is about something much bigger than just a small, local church. This is about a community. 

So, what is this vision?

Well, I'd love to share that... but you're going to have to wait a little longer for that. For now let me leave you with these two words: