Additional Thoughts: August 19, 2018

Anniversary Celebration

Today we celebrated our one year anniversary. What a blessing one year has been. I can't wait to see what another year can bring. 

Here some additional thoughts from today's message.

Who wrote the book of Luke

Well, Luke wrote the book of Luke. In fact he also wrote the book of Acts. Unlike the authors of the other Gospels; Matthew, Mark, and John; Luke was not an eye witness to the things he wrote about. Luke travelled with the missionary Paul (formerly known as Saul). Paul wrote most of the New Testament. 

Luke was a physician and, therefore, highly educated. Though not an eye witness to the events he wrote about, he used his skills to faithfully write the story of Jesus as he learned it. Luke interviewed people who WERE eye witnesses to the events to compile his gospel. Some might say that this diminishes the authority of his gospel. But, consider this. Luke tells many of the same stories that Matthew and Mark tell, though he wasn't there. So, he got these stories from OTHER people who were there. To me this further confirms the validity of his gospel and that of Matthew and Mark. 

Scripture Passages

Here are all the Scripture passages I mentioned in the message this morning (at least I think it is. LOL). Plus a few others that I might not have mentioned, but could be helpful.

  • Exodus chapters 11 and 12 - Israelites in Slavery
  • Luke 22:14-23 - The first Lord's Supper
  • 1 Corinthians 11:27-34 - Paul's cautions regarding the Lord's Supper
  • Mark 14:22-26 - The first Lord's Supper

Communion: More Than Religious ritual

The church leaders of Jesus' day had a great many religious rituals. On more than one occasion Jesus called them out for their hypocrisy related to their religious rituals. He pointed to the fact that they did all these things to LOOK righteous, but their hearts were cold and empty. They were more in love with the recognition of people than with God. Their religious rituals had no meaning because their heart was simply to impress people. 

In 1 Corinthians (see above) Paul cautions us to make sure that we have an right attitude when we partake in the Lord's Supper. I fear that for a great many people the Lord's Supper is little more than a religious ritual. For many people they do it out of routine, habit, or even in hopes of being seen by others. If you ever find yourself facing an opportunity to take the Lord's Supper and your thoughts are anything other than remembering the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made, then you need to take a moment to reset your thinking before you take it.