Family Matters

Steve Urkel.jpg

For people my age, Family Matters brings up memories of popular TV show from our youth. It featured a lovable nerd named Steve Urkel. While that was a fun and entertaining show, that's not what this post is about.

This post is about our FAMILY SERVICE.

This Sunday (tomorrow) we will be having another Family Service. Before starting Journey Church I spent 10 years as a pastor to children. During that time I saw many churches claim or attempt to do family services. In many cases these services were just regular services that they forced the kids to attend.

That always bothered me.

I means shouldn't a FAMILY SERVICE be for the entire family? We believe it should be. So, our family service is specifically designed to include the entire family. This means music, message and more all aimed at including the entire family. The goal is to have fun, while still teaching, and inspiring kids, teens, and adults alike.

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