Hope For a Better 2019

This morning I shared, at Journey Church, I shared a message of HOPE. If you’re looking for hope for the new year, I encourage you to check out our Facebook Live Video. Here are some additional thoughts.

Hope may not look like you think it will

In the message I shared a story from John 1:1-45. In this passage two sisters, Mary and Martha, had a brother named Lazarus. This brother was sick and dying. They knew that Jesus could heal him. So, they sent a message to Jesus in hopes that Jesus would come and heal their brother. When Jesus didn’t come, and Lazarus died, the sisters lost hope.

The sisters lost hope because they had a certain image of what hope looked like, and when that didn’t happen they felt hopeless. After Lazarus died and had been in the tomb for 4 days, Jesus showed up AND RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD. He brought hope back into a situation that felt hopeless.

It might take longer than you think

As I was enjoying an afternoon of football, food, and family I came across a great quote from City Point Church,

“Abraham was told of the promise 6 times over the course of 25 years before it came to pass”

This lined up so well with what I preached this morning. 25 years passed between God making this promise with Abraham and the promise being fulfilled. Abraham could have lost hope at any point during that 25 years. But, he didn’t. He knew that God is good and his hope was in God, not in the amount of time that had passed, not in his plans or his thoughts on how things should go. His hope was in God.

Sometimes we are Mary and Martha

Sometimes things don’t go the way we think they should and we lose hope. Sometimes God doesn’t work in our lives the way we want him to and we lose hope. Sometimes, like Abraham, God takes longer than we think He should, and we lose hope.

In each of these instances, our loss of hope had nothing to do with God. We gave up hope. As we start 2019, remember that true hope does not come from your job, your circumstances, or even your spouse. True hope is available from God.

Check out the full message, Hope for a Better 2019, to learn how you can have true hope for this year.