Fall Festival was AWESOME

This past Sunday we had the opportunity to be part of a fall festival organized by another church in town. It was so cool. First off there were estimated to be 6000-7000 people in attendance through the course of the three hour event. Certainly not all of those came by our tent, or played our game, but hundreds of them did. 

It was so cool to be able to interact with so many different people. To play the GIANT connect four with them. To talk with them. To give them candy. Just to hang out with them. I can't say for certain that a single person will come to Journey this Sunday because of what we did, but I KNOW that more people know about us because of it. 

More importantly I know that we were obedient. From the very beginning I felt that God wanted us to be part of this community. This means being part of events like this. Ultimately, our job in these cases is to be obedient. We then must trust God with the results. 

That being said, if we are not careful this can become an excuse to not work hard, or not be prepared. We can not do that. Part of being obedient is following the leading of the Holy Spirit, working to be prepared for where ever he is sending us, and making sure that we are doing what we can, on our end. The results are still up to God, but that doesn't leave us without any responsibility.

So, we were obedient and I can't wait to see what God does next.

Speaking of next, check out tomorrow's post as we look forward to our first Pop-Up Church.