A Word For 2017 - TRUST

Several weeks ago a friend, Ron,  asked if we had ever chosen a word for a year. A word that would focus and define the year or if we were choosing one for 2017. At the time my answer was no, I had not chosen one for 2017. I have done it in the past, but had not considered it for 2017.

This morning God changed that.

Tonight Journey Church will be having a worship service. I have spent quite a bit of time this week preparing a message for tonight. This morning God told me to ditch that and do something else.  As I sat down to receive the message God wanted me to deliver tonight, I was reminded of Ron’s question.

Prayer has been a major focus for me over the past few weeks. As I sat on my porch this morning, I though that PRAYER would be the word for 2017. However, as soon as I had that thought God gave me another word...


Trust is the word for 2017. In 2017 I'm trusting God to lead and work in my family, my job, my ministry, my city and beyond in ways that I can't even imagine.

Prayer is an important part of trust, as I can't trust God with things that I have not taken to Him. I can not trust God's direction if I am not listening for it. If I'm not praying than I'm not listening for His direction.

What word are you using to guide and focus your 2017. What word do you hope will define 2017 for you?