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What is the Student Success program? This a program born out of our desire to do all we can to make sure that every student in and around Haines City has the basic supplies they need to be successful in school.

What does it mean to sponsor a classroom? A local business, church, organization, family, or even an individual signs up to adopt a classroom. By sponsoring a classroom they commit to making sure that their classroom has all the supplies it need throughout the year. This can be things as simple as pencils, paper, facial tissue and hand sanitizer.

What is Journey Academy's role: Journey Academy is leading the way by sponsoring the first classrooms. We have connected with several local teachers and will be working with them to find out what their needs are and how we can best meet these needs. 

From their we will take the responsibility for administering the Student Success program. This is how it works:

  • For teachers: A teacher has only to sign up. Once they do, we will reach out to them and find out what their initial needs are. From there the teacher reaches out to us as new needs arise and we make sure those needs get met.
  • For Sponsors: Potential sponsors show their interest in sponsoring a classroom by filling out the Student Success sponsor form. We will review their information. Then, we connect them with their classroom and, through their donation, we fill the initial needs of that classroom. After this initial delivery, we use the sponsors ongoing financial donations to fill any future needs their classroom has.
  • For Journey Academy: In addition to the classrooms that we are sponsoring, we will work with the teachers and the sponsors doing what needs to be done to meet the needs of the classroom. We will store, deliver, distribute and purchase supplies as needed. Basically whatever we can to work towards ensuring that every student in and around Haines City has all the school supplies they need to be successful. 

Where do I sign up? Use the "I'm a Teacher" or "I want to sponsor a classroom" links to the left to sign up.

I still have questions: Feel free to email me at

Journey Academy and the Student Success program are ministries of Journey Church of Haines City.