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THANK YOU! First, let us thank you for all the work you do investing in your students. Your students are our future and without you they would never be prepared for that future.

What is the Student Success program? This a program born out of our desire to do all we can to make sure that every student in and around Haines City has the basic supplies they need to be successful in school.

How does it work? It's easy. You sign up to have your classroom sponsored. You will then send us a list of your initial needs. We will work to fill these initial needs quickly. Then, throughout the year as you have additional needs, you let us know and we bring you the supplies you need.

Where do the supplies come from? We seek out local businesses, churches, organizations, family, and even individuals who will sign up to sponsor your classroom. These sponsors make tax deductible financial contributions. We then use that money to purchase, store, and distribute these supplies as needed.

Where do I sign up? To sign up just fill out the form to the left. Give us a little information about you and your classroom. When we receive your information we will send a follow-up email asking for your initial needs. We will then connect you with a sponsor. Once we do that, a short time later we will show up at your school with the supplies you requested. (Don't worry. We will arrange delivery so it's not too big a surprise.)

I still have questions: Feel free to email me at matt@myjourneyfl.com

Journey Academy and the Student Success program are ministries of Journey Church of Haines City